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iPodCopy is yet another solution to backup your iPod for Windows
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iPodCopy is yet another solution to backup your iPod for Windows. There are many applications like this in the market. I have only found a couple that really work every time: Ipod Access and a couple of ones for Mac. This one does work, too. It also has got a nice design and is intuitive enough that a beginner user can start using it almost instantly. iPodCopy does some things better than the competition, too. For example, with iPod Access, at least with the version I bought, I couldn't really transfer anything other than music files, which had no names. I had to guess what song was what and enter again all the data manually. This application will transfer your songs and format the file names so that you know the songs, it will also transfer song ratings, album art and more. You can even manage your contacts, calendars and notes. There are versions for both Mac and Windows. All in all, this application is not the only one capable of doing what it does, but its good looks and excellent work make it a great choice.

José Fernández
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